Roman Stripes binding

I am sewing with Pete in the bouncey seat while the best daddy in the whole wide world spends the day with his other daughter at the zoo. Too bad we’re not supposed to be having sex, because he has looked lip-smacking good lately. And his beaming “new daddy” attitude helps. I am quilting and participating in an Internet quilting retreat where they do things like play bingo for fatquarters on the honor system…too cute. All I’m doing is trying to finish granma’s binding and get Pete’s top and backing ready for basting, so I can begin hand-quilting all over it. I am such a freakin’ nerd! My diapers are sundrying on the clothesline for the second time in two days…Pete is blowing gaskets right and left. I am proud of the dryer time I save, but the Prince hates the “white trash” look, even though no one can see it from the street. I hope he’s not too sorry he married a hippie. It provides us with endless hours of argument fodder.


One thought on “Roman Stripes binding

  1. I just wanted to compliment you on how lovely and white they were : ). Personally I think sposies look more trashy, being trash and all. We’re in pampers while we move. A very happy couple carried off our washer and dryer at a very good price this morning.

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