Washington Democratic Caucus Today!

Ugh. I am lame, I’ve been planning on going to my caucus all week and am super-jazzed…going to see Arianna Huffington speak on Wednesday made me feel like a grown up and made me feel like my voice was important, and on top of that, Washington is such a great state, and Jim McDermott’s legislative district is such a great place to be a stump for Kucinich. If that is fruitless, I will of course wind up representing Dean, then maybe Clark before Kerry, just to be a goon and sock it to fucking Time magazine and all the other media outlets treating him like he’s already won the nomination for the last two weeks. At any rate, you need to be a registered Democrat to vote (there are no longer going to be presidential primaries in this state) and remember, this is our opportunity to show some civic pride and participate in the process…only 25 voters had attended my precinct to vote on the school levy on Tuesday, how many will be at the Democratic caucus? So if you can remember what precinct number you are, go to the Washington State Democrats website
and look it up, then go buy yourself a big ole cup of joe and drag your butt to your local caucus. I believe they are all at 10 am and voting begins at 10:30. But of course I just got around to reminding my local Washingtonians at 9 am…so I’m being part of the problem, instead of inspiring anyone to action who wasn’t already going…sorry for the late reminder!