My horoscope today from astrodienst (forgive me for being a lazy livejournal dunce and not linking):
During this time you should be careful of your relationships. This influence has many possibilities, some good, some difficult. Your unrealistic ideals may lead to acute disappointment with loved ones, unless you make an effort to understand and accept the reality of your relationships. A typical illusion to beware of is picturing yourself in a love relationship as the unselfish, giving one who sacrifices everything for the other. This is a blatant ego game in which the ultimate purpose may be to gain control over the other by manipulating feelings of obligation. Although this influence is capable of producing a beautiful romantic experience, you cannot depend upon it continuing forever. Enjoy it for itself and do not make demands upon it. Beauty does not need to be justified.
Odd because I’ve been trying to decide if it was birth control pill induced mania, staring a cute house in Shoreline straight on only to realize it had high voltage power lines running through the backyard, or sound business sense that suddenly I am terrified of selling this house in order to relocate to a more appropriate neighborhood. I’m sick of being one block off a highway of crime and used car lots, but realize over ten years (and longer, since I’ve lived in the N end for 15 years), I know the ins and outs of this house, this neighborhood, and who knows what I could walk into in another one. Also, sweet partner-boy and I are apparently turning over a new leaf of fiscal responsibility, and while moving into a new (different) house that I did not purchase from my parents, with my former husband is very appealling to our relationship and our sense of family – paying down our debts rather than increasing or reshuffling them and spending $20 or whatever for the priviledge of using a real estate agent to help us transistion to a new home just seems like the right call. Not to mention, with the new paint and half our crap already packed or shipped off to the dump, suddenly this home is more appealing and I feel like making it mine for the first time in all these years. I’ve always felt obligated to maintain it for resale rather than personalize it, and then I look at a lot of the other older homes on the market and realize the personality is part of the appeal…the loud goofy colors of a first-time home owner, the goofy do-it-yourself tile/glaze/deck…for the first time in ten years I feel like I am finally taking Ownership of a home, and I haven’t even sold this one yet! I am paralyzed with fear.