So here I am cooling off upstairs from being overtouched by a baby and having her big sister start joining in the whining. Teething is happening all at once and it sure sucks. And I get all irritable because the Phantom Father has no clue how to do housework while holding a baby, so he sits on the couch watching me and big helper clean the floors. That’s not exactly true or fair, he helped clean the dishes and the counters while we were vacuuming. It just irritates me that he is clueless about what kind of a schedule the baby is on for foods and meals so I have to tell him everything in order for him to “help” plan our day. We are going away to the woods to play. Okay, I’m all steamed off now and looking forward to steaks and beer with Grandpa of the Ozarks…that would be the Little House in the Big Woods to you and my eldest daughter. And maybe some time at the beach with my grandma and stuff too. Hope you all are having a good weekend too.


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