Ugly Cake Freedom

I’m really scattered and disorganized, permanently. But I wanted you to know that my daughter’s birthday cake makes Julianne Moore’s character in the Hours look like a gigantic whiner. It is ugly and the layers don’t match and the frosting tastes too sugary and I just adore it. It is the epitome of talentless DIY. But it doesn’t make me suicidal and hate my life, it just makes me laugh and wish everyone made cakes this ugly so we hadn’t hadn’t come to expect glazed airbrushed gimiicky cakes (I am making fun of QFC and Betty Crocker, not the talents of our own amazing Venkavie). Please come over tomorrow between 10 and whenever and have some cake and share some birthday wishes with the Penguin, if she isn’t sleeping, that is. You are certainly invited and needn’t bring gifts.


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