Dragon Blue Eyes again

How do I describe the way you molded me from sand,
the way we found our own way here so that I may now
stand before you, triggered by a touch
giving up so much in a game of luck
your dragon blue eyes never smiling unforgiving
discerning the darkness from the light
like a modern evangelist fortelling the end of antiquated
and the beginning of uberhuman, where we all are reduced
to our smallest gears and pathetic pleas
while the body betrays the lies and moves in a pleasing manner
a flirt here and there, sweep the table bare
drape my body over marble and call me art
pop in a quarter for the best love of your life
help the little flame inside my sternum get the air to survive
feed it slowly, build it up and blow on it
not all dragons breathe fire, some have forked tongues
and with your tongue the world becomes populated with a new kind of patriot
every day of our powerplays I feel the net product becoming more palatable
less bitter, and yet there’s something in that taste I like
I long to be subjected and bound and betrayed
my hands are too skilled to be allowed to roam
my mind is too fast and furious not to throw off the blanket of quiet
I want to stand before you and fall, and you to kneel
and me to kick over this wall and pull out my sword,
a monumental general beside a proud horse
I rode all the way from this war to mark my territory
we’re in it together and I’m on a pedestal
the dragon sinks his talons into and breaks solid stone
in the fairy tales something is born in this pile of rubble
Shiva dances and is reborn, maybe I emerge naked and new
or maybe this is all old news to you.


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