Too many similarities with ms. squarepants to not complete this lil’ shindig…Where did my cool self go?

1. Jimmy Cliff (my dad took me when I was 9)
2. Cocteau Twins
3. The Pixies
4. The Breeders
5. Beck
6. Rage Against The Machine
7. Nirvana
8. Primus
9. Morphine
10. The Violent Femmes (I think 4 times now)
11. Ween (I think 5 times now)
12. Sonic Youth
13. Modest Mouse
14. The Melvins
15. Fugazi
16. Brooks and Dunn (odd college date)
17. Blonde Redhead
18. Thinking Fellers Local 282
19. The Grateful Dead (bleh!)
20. Santana (opened for the GD)
21. Pearl Jam
22. Yo La Tengo
23. Cat Power (twice)
24. Kristin Hersch
25. Murder City Devils
26. Built To Spill (more times than I could count)
27. The Purdins (also more times than I could count)
28. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds (best show ever)
29. Sleater Kinney
30. Flaming Lips


One thought on “Concerts

  1. Ooh! I’ve seen a bunch of the ones on your list too (that I didn’t put on mine)! I honestly had no idea you liked a lot of the same music I do. Sometimes I feel a bit culturally alone as a mama, and then something like this happens. 🙂

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