I bleed

I was gonna take Crane swimming but I started gushing this morning. And she woke up at 5:30, partly because she had to poop and she used the potty (yay!), so she fell asleep on the way back from preschool. I love the preschool so much I stayed until they went to the gym so Crane didn’t have to cry when we left and I helped some guys with their transformers and my low back was hurting so I was rolling on the floor and I thought, “I’d totally pay to go to preschool here.” I mean, it would be weird but I want to play transformers and paint and play house and dress up. I need to get over my housework at home and be glad I don’t have babies anymore. Kids are fun, toys and imagining and art totally kick ass. And now I will go quilt and bleed and drink bad coffee while she sleeps.


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