SO about 9 months ago I finally decided to part with my 20 year old tupperware juice pitcher because I was concerned it was too striated not to be a bacteria haven. And I said fuck it, I’m sick of the old 70’s style Tupperware pitchers I will see what Fred Meyer has. Nada. So a trip to Target and 80 dollars worth of crap I never would have known I needed including some plactic plates to match my new super snazzy clear acrylic juice/iced tea pitcher with a nice tropical parrot on it. I was so proud of myself, because I overuse things until even the goodwill wouldn’t take ’em and so I thought I was being a good mom/wife/shopper with my cute juice pitcher. But then the weird heat strain cracks started to show up and I was like “Shit! bacteria haven again?” but I thought I could live with it. Then last month it got dropped and lost its fucking handle. Cracked clean off. I will not stray from this rant to tell you how much of a pain it is to clean my (also relatively new) refridgerator and that the juice is still in the nooks and crannies of the seal on the door and driving me batty with the kissing noise every time I open up the fridge, no, I won’t tell you that. So the top shelf where the pitcher goes also has some residual sticking from the juice and its getting nasty and I need to reclean the fridge so I put the juice pitcher on the counter and guess what? Its fucking leaking. After less than a year, wtf?

I hate consumerism and marketing and disposable crap so much I want to scream. In fact maybe I will. Meanwhile, anybody know where I can get some tupperware? I appreciate the cost so much more now. And don’t even get me started about what the inflation index would look like if we didn’t replace goods from 20 years ago with their cheaper Walmart/Target/Made by Small Children In Provinces You Can’t Pronounce, because I’ve got Lou Dobbs on my coffee table right next to The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich…will I read them is the real question, or just rant about my fucking apple juice problem? I bet Tuperware’s even made in America, sigh.


4 thoughts on “juice

  1. Here’s one of those “hey Chell, I think I’m a housewife” moments…

    What kind of thrift stores do you have in Seattle? I ask, because the thrift stores rocked in Twin Falls..and that is where I got all my real Tupperware. Good stuff too, not stuff cracked and scratched. The thrift stores here in Oly are major suckage..major. I know this because ALL my tupperware is in some mismarked box..that we have yet to discover. I have a good collection..that someday I’ll find.

    Okay..so because I need storage stuff..and the thrift stores suck here(they really do..which surprises me)I decided to investigate what Target had. I watched a documentary recently about WalMart and how they almost put Rubbermaid out of business because Rubbermaid wouldn’t play their game. Evil fucking WalMart. Anyway..so I decided I would look for Rubbermaid stuff. Found some nice pieces, and lo and behold, it’s still made in the States.

    Tupperware used to have a huge factory in a little town 10 miles from my hometown. I’m not sure it’s even made in the US anymore. But, damn, I do love it.

    See, I told you it was a Michelle Shocked moment, huh?

  2. I am another one who uses stuff ’til the thrift stores won’t take it. My dh even has a special begging tone of voice he uses when he wants to throw something away but he knows I won’t have it. Heh.

    I second Rubbermaid. I like their stuff. xox

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