Came home from work yesterday to find my inlaws bemused watching the penis department cooking a 5 course meal with my easter bunny table cloth on the table. They seemed to proud and shocked they really don’t know their own son at all. He’s my love slave bitches! He cooks me 5 course meals and makes delicious fresh spinach salad every night, oh yes. Oddly enough, I’m just super in love with him after a really wonderful Saturday evening after he got to spend an afternoon playing Texas Hold ‘Em. My Saturn return was much easier because I was already doing everything it was about. or him, he’s feeling the need to make big changes and questioning his whole reality and materialism and I love it. I’ve stood by loving him anyhow and now I see him just blooming as a person. Although some sacrifices definitely get made along the way and we will probably see a slight income drop around here, move or no. I know that part of me believes the kids will be happier growing up in this house and going to school with mamatoni’s kids and all that but in my heart I think we can make it anywhere. Its scary to pop out of the mainstream and even scarier to realize you’ve somehow gotten caught up in it. My dinner rocked, the wine was delicious, but I was left somehow unsatiated…hope I can take care of that with a less heavy meal tonight.


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