Fed Ex Tupperware and Sisterhood

To my dimay, we lingered at preschool just long enough this morning to barely miss the FedEx truck leaving my driveway without leaving my much-anticipated box of tupperware. Yes, I ordered it from Phranc, Happy Mother’s Day to me, and if you think I’m a little too excited about a juice pitcher, you haven’t seen my FedEx driver. Hrmph. I’m ust hoping I’ll be here tomorrow to thank him in person. Maybe he’ll want to come in and have a glass of juice in my new pitcher because he’s soooo thirsty.

This morning Ti was upset over having to share a dolly with Crane while she was supposed to be getting dressed anyway and she expressed for the first time “I don’t like having a little sister!” for the first time. I was delighted that spinning a five in Chutes and Ladders last night warranted the modifier “frickin damn” before “five” but those were the strongest words yet for her frustration with Crane. I’ve seen other kids say worse things to their parents, “I hate you!’ coming to mind, so I guess I’m feeling like that was pretty good. I totally held her and told her that even though I love her and Crane very much, sometimes I don’t like being a mom. And sometimes even though I love dad, in his swanky pink towel threatening to go to work like that if Ti didn’t get dressed, sometimes I don’t like being a wife either. However today is not one of those days. Although I am going to start looking into some creative ways or us to score more time together without the kids around, because it just isn’t fair. She is such a good sister, whatever happens in the next three months at the end of it they will be rooming together.


2 thoughts on “Fed Ex Tupperware and Sisterhood

  1. The FedEx guy and the juice pitcher! It sounds like the beginning of one of those implausible Penthouse letters: “I never thought something like this could happen to someone like me, but after eagerly awaiting the delivery of my juice pitcher….”

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