The Exciting Continuing Saga of the Journey of My Juice Pitcher

I was wrong, the FedEx guy’s been hitting the house across the street everyday. Don’t ask me why, but yesterday I was so excited to hear the truck I peeked out the front blinds and heart just dropped when it drove away without coming to my door. I was crushed. So today I got out my trusty tracking number and it is in Washington state and will be delivered today. And when it gets here, I’m totally gonna make juice.


6 thoughts on “The Exciting Continuing Saga of the Journey of My Juice Pitcher

  1. Invite your FedEx guy in for some juice. Our UPS man is a hottie…so was our UPS man in Twin. Actually, I had a little crush on my mailman in Twin. But the one here is this nasty old cranky woman. She doesn’t derserve my crush…I’ll save that for my UPS man.

  2. I had a massive crush on the UPS guy who delivered to our old apartment. It was a weird thing cause he was like 40 years old and had a mustache. But he also had a NY accent that made me swoon.
    When i got pregnant with Ari I felt sorta weird around him, like “uh oh he’s gonna think im unavailable”
    Which I was(duh) and he probably didnt want me like i wanted him anyway. Sigh. I miss that guy.

  3. “make juice” is my new dirty expression of the week.

    “that hot guy who rakes the neighbours’ lawn? when i see him, i totally make juice.”

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