Please keep Crane in your thoughts today, even though I am being ridiculous. I feel like Marlin in Finding Nemo, sending her off to preschool early when she’s clearly so eager and the first thing she does is pounce on one of the rowdiest energized boys there and sneak his riding toy out from under him. But…she only has one good eye. They’re off to the gym and my last thought isn’t whether she can handle the day, because I know they’ll call instantly if she’s inconsolable, its this enormous fear I hadn’t expected that somehow she’ll injure her good eye. I want to run back and warn everyone about the eye, and then I want to beat myself up for not maintaining eyeglasses, which she has but doesn’t wear. And I even feel bad for assuming that since Ti is there she’ll have extra supervision. So I could be enjoying these few precious hours of maternal freedom and instead I’m mother-henning about beating myself up or being an unfit parent on the off chance the eye gets injured. And she was so happy and proud to have a lunch box of her own and to wave goodbye and hug and kiss me as she ran off with the other kids. Aw.


5 thoughts on “Preschool

  1. Aww, she’s going to have so much fun! She adores it there and her eye is in no more danger than it would be at home. Love to you and crane.

  2. Oh that’s a sweet picture- baby Crane all grown up! kcenya is right, she is in no more danger than at home. You are a fabulous mom letting her take some steps out of the nest on her own, the worry part is unavoidable, bad eye or not.

  3. she’s just going to have a great time! The next time you drop her off, you’ll feel much better. I always motherhen when my monkey is in a new situation without mama…and he always prevails and has a grand time.

    Mamahen’ing is what we do…it just is!

  4. How the hell did she get old enough to go to preschool before I have ever even seen her??????

    That ain’t right.

    Oh…and she will be fine. She is YOUR daughter after all. (((Chandra)))))

  5. She’ll be great! I’m sorry if I looked at you blankly when I asked “just for a month?” I again blame the nursing hormones and I do think it’s fabulous that you will have some total alone time this month that doesn’t have to entail sneaking out to the grocery store in the middle of the night.

    The Marlin picture is so clear and so familiar.

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