What a rocky year its been. The day after we heard immigration was delayed, we were told it was denied, and now 4 days later we are cautiously optimistic that the review will overturn it and we will be able to immigrate. But in the meanwhile the weekend sucked, both kids were sick, the CEO presidency continued to play PR games and hope the national disaster would go away and be replaced by more palatable news, and my littlest one got a kink in her neck on top of developing bronchitis. You ever have a bad sleep and wake up with a tender, sore or stiff neck? Imagine how terrifying this was or our two year old and then imagine how long it took us to figure out what was wrong and stop picking her up in a way that made her scream in pain. But she’s adapting quickly and now simply refuses assistance when she fears it will aggravate her neck and repeats “My neck hurting” about 30 times a day. I don’t have a lot of free time and am holding her a lot which results in my playing a hell of a lot of WoW and feeling like an extreme loser that we’ve waited nearly a year for this job and I know I wouldn’t really mind if we stayed in Seattle so my daughter could go to school with friends. But I think I will send her to a month of last year’s preschool just for the confidence and continuity.

To say nothing of money. I think the application fee I sent for a Canadian preschool is going to bounce. Way to make a first impression and guarantee they’ll bend over backwards to hold a space for your child…but for now I will just cross our fingers that immigration either goes smoothly or is again denied BEFORE we have to be out of this house.


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