Why do I have to love quilting?

I do, I like it in some ways better than painting. Except: it takes so fucking long for me to make a quilt. Spending 8 hours on my stepsister’s yesterday helped me to realize that. I’ve probably alrady put more than 20 hours into it and I still have a ton of piecing and applique to do. Yes, I realize I’m incredibly ineffiicient and as I start to spend more time away from my husband and in my sewing space I realize that will help me pick up the pace, but still. I love her quilt, I do, but I’ve spent 45 minutes this morning just rearranging blocks because I somehow goofed a row when I was picking them all up in order yesterday, all 48 x 24 pieces. Go figure. I also can’t find my camera now, but my inability to find lost things in a house I am about to move out of is not sending me into a panic, it is merely allowing me to let go. Also, I started another side project, piecing a birthday present for my step mum thta looks really modern cubist meets roman tile awesome, but a week is a tight deadline.

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