Oh happy day

I have a phone number, the kids are learning to play together for extended periods of time, I’ve successfully weaned myself of a persian carpet spending spree (but not before acquiring one, and two from other abyssmally underpaid corners of the world). The house looks pretty good. I am still pissed about the monorail getting sandbagged even though(especially because?) I couldn’t vote, being in Canada and all. I am looking forward to making some menstrually inspired art. Maybe it will inspire me to bleed.


3 thoughts on “Oh happy day

  1. Whoo-hoo for yer telephone! I am glad you are settling and the girls playing for extended periods sounds lovely. Hope you can connect with T and the girls, that would be a nice visit for all of you!

  2. hey toni, could you call me? I’m internetless and don’t have your phone number. I’m at the new house though! Also if y’all are going to bellingham I might like to tag along.

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