I all about decluttering now that I live in a new space that hasn’t gotten out of hand yet. I like living somewhere I don’t own, but its weird to feel so uprooted too. The house heats okay but definitely has drafts, an especially bad one in the kids bedroom if you leave the downstairs bathroom fan on, but so far we’re all warm and dry. I’ve been reading a feng shui book I got at Pulp Fiction and it has been a really fun way to help my organize the hosue while I’m unpacking and deciding where to put things. It’s as close as I get to acting very witchy.

In other news, I discovered just how much fun Dance Dance Revolution is, and the Penis Dept. had to run out and get a second pad last night because the whole family was having so much fun, and guitar hero wasn’t in stock at Toys R Us. We have been such bad naughty consumers since we sold the house. But how can you knock the 2 solid hours of aerobic exercise he and I put in after the kids went to bed, trying to master some wacky dance. Ti showed some uncanny abilities to follow the point of the game, and all I can be glad of is that her first introduction to a video game is one so active, especially for her. The PD was talking about wanting to really learn real guitar, maybe with Treya too, but I think she’s probably a little young for real or mini guitar. What do I know? And what happened to learning to play the drums? I don’t really care, I like the changes I feel we’re going through as we adjust and whatnot. Now I just have to find some sort of preschool.


2 thoughts on “Awesome

  1. So jealous of your dual DDR pads!

    Ana and Paul might be doing guitar lessons in January. Sera got music lessons last January as her Xmas gift, and Ana’s been begging for a guitar and lessons for hers this year. We’ll let you know how it goes!

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