Ways in which Canada is WORSE than the US

In the interest of not sugarcoating my whole move, I thought I would list the top ten things that suck in Canada:

1) Shaw internet: granted, Comcast sucked too, but I’ve never seen a neighborhood outage that lasted for 4 hours. How do I know it was neighborhood wide? Because the other 4 unsecured wireless routers in the neighborhood that I piggybacked before our cable internet was installed were all unconnected too.

2) Okay actually that’s really all that’s wrong with Canada. The rest is all my fault for leaving such fabulous friends behind. I am such a lame-ass for loving shitty cold rainy weather, its pathetic really.


6 thoughts on “Ways in which Canada is WORSE than the US

  1. you know, i’ve heard nothing but bad things about shaw. i’ve never used it, but i really like my telus high speed. there are probably others who have used both who could give you an comparative assessment.

    i should mention that zab temporarily renamed one of her dolls (who are all named maggie) after matreya. she reverted back last night, but it is high praise indeed.

  2. Actually, it does and I like it, or maybe I just brought it with me. It bites more here. We are coming out Friday morning to see you. Any ideas? I really want to see your new bathroom!

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