grateful and thankful

Thanksgiving has new meaning to me now that I had the scare of nearly dying two days after it last year. We wanted to take the kids to the hospital I stayed at and show our thanks to the staff and make a donation or something but now that is impractical and Mr. No Coat (I will come up with something better but mom is right, Penis Department is too derogatory even if we both thought it was funny) doesn’t even have the day off to travel down with us on Thursday. We will take marigolds to my grandmother’s grave on Thanksgiving and scatter her ashes. I will talk to the children about my grandma’s death and my thanks that she was with us for so long and my gratefulness for my family and that I still am alive and have them. But I still want to demonstrate charity and good work. They are so young.

I am so thankful for my sweet man and our awesome if somewhat whiny children. I hope nobody has to go through the loss of a loved one, but since inevitably it does happen, and I am just glad I got this very vivid reminder of how fragile and treasured life is. And then I go and forget all too often too. But I have a great healthy body and I want to express that by treating it better in the coming year, as well as demonstrate it to my family. Do any of you practice something with your children that demonstrates either thanksgiving or charity?


9 thoughts on “grateful and thankful

  1. I’ve been thinking of doing something with Joe and the Heifer project. I think he could grasp that a little more than other types of charities. I’d love to be alturistic and say that my kid really “gets” it when we donate to a toy drive, but, he doesn’t really understand. I think he could grasp the giving a chicken, and with that chiken’s eggs the family can eat, share, get more chickens, et.

    I’m sorry about your Grandma. Was her death recent? Losing beloved family members sucks, no matter the circumstances.

  2. It is sort of an old family tradition to bake Christmas cookies and deliver them to the fire station and emergency room right after we finish opening gifts on xmas morning.

    I also like to spend Thanksgiving AM helping out at food shelters preparing the meal. Since this is my first Thanksgiving with David’s family, I’m not sure what the protocol is. Might still be able to do it, tho.

  3. I haven’t had any children. Does that count as charity to my hypothetical children?

    Seriously though. One of the coolest things that my parents did when I was younger was donating our Christmas to the Union Gospel Mission. Thinking back it strikes me as odd that a mid-teen boy would not throw a much larger fit at having to watch a more deserving family receive a Playstation when I myself had yet to get one (I died a little on the inside but I remained outwardly cheerful). But it was a really formative event in my life in that it really brought home to me how much of a spoiled white suburbanite I was/am and encouraged me to be better than I was/am. I sometimes wonder if my parents realize how much of an impact that had on me.

    Anyway that’s my attempt at actually saying something intelligent on your LJ for the year. =)

    • It may be charity to your kids, but it isn’t to me. I would laugh like a hyena at your suffering when/if you have children, and I will be so pleased to see how much it deepens your appreciation for life and for, well, cousins. Cousins would be really nice.

      • I have plenty of cousins that I am grateful for. They just happen to live too far away, which is their fault. If you’re lookin for cousins for T and Quinn I might suggest Kim. Because there ain’t no way I’m having kids for several years at the very earliest. And, I admit it, God be with me if/when I get around to breeding (also with my hypothetical kids).

      • Kim seems to be mellowing rather nicely. Relgion kind of came up at Thanksgiving and her and Phil were quite civil. Then again, I wasn’t my usual blatantly heretical self. But maybe there is hope yet.

        On a side note, I got you and Jess’ Christmas presents today… and they are awesome. =)

      • Totally responding way too much to this, but I am so glad to hear about the mellowing, I kind of thought that was happening. She is too smart to be able to follow the ultraconservative thing for too long without taking a look around and seeing how the rest of us are doing. I got no problem with Christians, I have problems with fascism…

        You are evil. I have no idea what to get you for Christmas. Well, I have one idea, but you’re not getting an Xbox.

      • You couldn’t get me an Xbox even if I wanted one (I know it’s technically wrong for me to say that as I work for the Empire but I’m just not the gamer freak I used to be) and you were actually willing to drop the cash. Just get me a book that you think I would enjoy and don’t worry about it. Christopher Moore or Edward Murrow are my two favourite authors right now if that helps. Or if you see something that screams Jason in the bookstore.

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