I have been cutting up my grandmother’s calico scraps so my cousin can have half of the ones we agreed to split, while the kids learn to vacuum pack asparagus and celery with grandpa. We’ll start gathering things together to leave after lunch. I’ve asked my dad to keep the silver for me and to use it at Christmas time when we visit since I don’t know how much entertaining we’ll be doing and how long we’ll be “settled” in B.C. I hope to see my greatgrandmother’s (handquilted) quilt come out of its storage and maybe show up under the tree for me this Christmas, as I hinted at it, as a sort of swap.

OMG, the linux Up2dater is so awesome, it even helped me select the updates that didn’t require a kernel recompile, with a little fishing. If I don’t post an update before leaving though, you’ll know I’ve somehow dramatically failed in my duties as the root and I should be summarily shot. This post doesn’t concern a lot of information if you’re not the mister, but I know one of you was wondering about a laptop running linux and I recommend you check out “gimp” and see if it suits your needs. Linux just keeps getting more and more user-friendly, and requires less hippies to come to your house and fix it, for free, everytime I touch it. Now I want to run it at home.


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