dreams of drag racing

I love coming home to a happy man with his new Xbox that he scored at work yesterday, and then playing his game, which is super sexy even for a racing game. It makes me wish I still had my Golf, and about 5K to blow on pointless tuner gear for it. I haven’t had so much fun playing video games in a long time. I’m surprised I quit before the wireless controllers ran out of batteries. Our Xbox had ceased to be very functional so I never got to be impressed with Live, but I am now. Now Ti can play Zuma Atari-stule on our big hi def tv. Maybe that isn’t so great, but I can’t help but think its impressive. It makes me want to talk the only other family I know with a 360 into letting their 13 year old son buy Settlers of Catan. Because playing that online is just too much fun. I don’t even know if they offer it but hell, its Microsoft so how could they not? I also cannot wait for Unreal Tournament or some such shooter game. And then I have to corrupt my friends into liking them too. And he thinks it was his big toy of the season.


2 thoughts on “dreams of drag racing

    • fuck!

      I missed the question mark at the end of your exclamation. Not currently available, but other MSN games are so I thought…hereby outting myself as one who previously held a SAC subscription…

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