The mall is my babysitter

I took the kids on some sort of bizarre Christmas shopping trip to a mall that is way too far away but I’m like a homing pigeon and keep going there because it was the first mall we went to in BC. We brought home LED Christmas lights! Low wattacge, nonbreakage, unwarm lights…in fabulous phreaky purple (and multicolored, Ti insisted). Now I just have to figure out where to put them based on the very odd location of outlets in the house. And then I really need to do some dishes. And stab myself in the leg so I can’t go back to the mall for at least a week, even if its just to return what may be a terrible outfit for the Christmas party.

I am heavy with garlic scent after making delicious bruschetta out of these lovely hothouse tomatos last night and having it again today on grilled bread with havarti…yummy and good for me, why don’t I get creative in the kitchen more often? Probably all the dishes.


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