wah! Only four choices!

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The Well-Endowed Kitchen Wench

Look, if you’re going to keep slipping in the rain, at least stop wearing those revealing cotton gowns.

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But fun anyhow. Today I am braving the mall to get cute little matching outfit girlchildren’s pictures taken with Santa. I interviewed a recent college grad for part time babysitting yesterday and I’m having her over Wednesday afternoon so I can run errands and maybe get some acupuncture if I can get an appointment on such short notice. It was only fitting that last night on Desperate Housewives Lynnette was convincing some brainwashed mother of one to give up her her child for a few hours a week and I wanted to laugh about how I was like that at one time except….I still am, kind of. I mean I still stay home with my kids and just moved to a new city. I take soem time away but its always at the expense of my partner. Not that he minds, he did it last night and I went to check out another yoga class. I’m turning into a yoga junkie, but that’s okay, it seems like I’m really balancing out and just filling up with good energy on all the important fronts, body, spirit, and sex.


5 thoughts on “wah! Only four choices!

  1. Yeah, jesse was poking fun at me during that scene last night too. I’m doing my best though, I have them scheduled for the gym daycare three times this week (trying to see if they’ll tolerate it before I commit to joining). I forgot to see if the times synch up with any of the classes they offer though, whoops.

  2. Which mall are you doing? We took the girls to Oakridge on Thursday night. Always catch Santa when he’s just finished his dinner break, or is just starting for the day! A fresh Santa is a jolly Santa! We caught one at the end of shift once, and it wasn’t pretty.

    Sometime in the next little bit we should take the girls to Metrotown for the Xmas decor and the crazy store in the dirtmall side that sells only fibre optic Christmas trees. It’s bizarre and we love it.

    • We went to the fibre optic tree store! Actually it seems like we went everywhere. The Santa was very sweet, we’d had our eye on the frosty blue ice castle backdrop for a while. Crane was surprisingly terrified so there will be a me with really bad hair in ours, dang it.

  3. How did I end up as the guy again…?

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