dream all day

I feel I should mention the dream that followed in which I was apparently breeding small garter-ish snakes. I was showing the girls how they hibernated in these tupperware containers and I’d add this purple water to them and almost like magic-gro they’d wake up and start getting all antsy and I would pour them into a new sort of nest with their new mate. A lot of the snakes were dead though, as if it was common for only one in 4 to make it through hibernation. So I cast those containers aside.

I got acupuncture treatment today and it was a lot more disorienting than last time (I spun to the left quite a bit actually…I forget how just alive the body is) but it went really well. I also felt a good connection from the practioner, which was kind of nice since we don’t have a family doctor yet. I need to drink more water. Which I know but someone in any position of authority telling it to me helps so much. And I remember being told to drink it hot in the morning with lemon. If only I had never started in on the cursed caffeine!


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