ooh ooh ooh

The new DOA 4 comes out December 14th. We saw an ad for it last night which ended with the ominous words “Available Now.” I just got done with a brisk jog out to the alley to leave our garbage even though I think one of the trucks already went by. It kept my dreams at the surface: I was the last person to get on the Clinton ferry and wound up hanging off the loading deck of a cruise ship as it set sail and towels were flying off the sundecks and I was afraid they’d throw me off my precarious position. I somehow made it below decks where my inlaws were listening to Elle D’Orado tell unsavory tales of her exploits. We had sisterhood hugs and snuck off to a secret room to discuss all the people we’d had sex with and were surprised to discover we’d both slept with my best friend from 3rd grade. I wonder what she’s up to. She was sober and instructing yoga last I heard from her, which is why she came up in my dream.


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