Now I’ll have to try baked Alaska sometime

baked alaska
You taste like baked alaska. Your sweetness is
only matched by your smooth and creamy texture.
You are sure to set fire to anyone’s taste

How do you taste?
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So how is it that the Canadian bank allows me to open up a USD account over the phone without my husband’s name on it (in fact they require him to appear in person to sign for it in order to even be added), the US bank allows me conduct an extremely large wire transfer of funds from the proceeds of the sale of our joint home, out of our joint account and into this USD account which is mine, personally, until I add my mate, and then I get the refund checks from the close of our sale of our home and various utilitiy overpayments, I get him to sign those with his name on it, but I can’t take them to the bank to deposit it in the USD account because his name is on the check. Screwy? So I have to get a crappy 1.13 exchange and deposit them into our Canadian account. But…psst…if you want to run away to a foreign country with me and the children (who are also on my Visa in my passport) with all my husband’s money, now’s our chance. Just don’t forget the “and the children” part…condition of our parting ways that I amicably agreed to.

There is no one I’d rather run away with to some hot tropical place, even with the kids, but that’s the irony. I imagine some women wouldn’t even blink if they got the chance.

So I read Barbara Colorossi’s parenting book about raising kids with “inner discipline” all weekend, couldn’t put it down. All about raising kids to problem solve and figure out their own solutions and being flexible and then yesterday I was of course blessed with the whiniest snivelling wrecks of children…I know they were fighting off illnesses or something because in addition to being tearful and fighting over things like wooden beads they found on the floor, they were also low energy and really leaning hard on me. It was a good day though, I just felt like an ass for loving this parenting book I read all about encouraging kids to help come up with solutions to their disputes without belittling them or doing all the “fixing” for them and then I feel like I spent the whole day holding them and helping them calm down, holding them, and getting really angry at them and ignoring the tears because there was no reaction I could come up with that wasn’t quite mean. But I swear, I’m actually using the tools in the book, just not when my kids are possessed.


2 thoughts on “Now I’ll have to try baked Alaska sometime

  1. oooh! someone bought me that book for xmas. i had it in my carry-on bag the whole way here but haven’t even cracked it yet.

    although, when i first read your last paragraph i thought you were confessing that you ignored your kids all day to read a parenting book, and i laughed most heartily! like eating ice cream while watching a workout video.

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