ginger bread houses, for you and me

Today was/is kind of a hectic day. Straight from the preschool surprise pancake breakfast (even the teacher didn’t know about it) to tidying up my house for the visit from my MIL and SIl, who drove all the way up here from Seattle for a tea party with my daughter. Very cool on the one hand, but I was shocked when just weeks after she said she wouldn’t give Crane any candy at Christmas she showed up with a gingerbread house kit, and 4 extra bags of candy. But…it was a really super fun thing to do at a tea party and she and my sister in law and I had hoots trying to put that thing together with extra super-glue-flavored icing and 5 sets of hands. Thankfully little Crane never realized the “balls” she was sticking on the house were candy, she just kept licking the frosting off her fingers after every single one and even was doing the 4 finger scoop on the roof, where the extra can of frosting had been applied in anticipation of the glue-like kind being insufficient top really weld the ornaments on. I’d post a picture but they’ve left now (they came for a grand total of 3 hours, my SIL has a Christmas party at 5pm) with their digital camera and I don’t want to get it down off the 6 foot tall bookshelf it is currently sitting on. My MIL discussed how good and energizing it is to be losing weight and feeling better about our bodies. I couldn’t agree more. We talked about life in the 50’s and family alcoholism and the idea that life is about buying the piece of real estate to settle down in and she brought up the way settling into a consumptive suburban lifestyle makes one complacent in a way that made me kind of sad. The Prince is fantastic and has been really supportive of not drinking and I’ve been feeling so good about all the water I’m drinking without caffeine in the morning. Life is good. I may be thirty-two, but I like my life and I love my body. But then I have a very lucky life. We are dynamic people and we have lots and lots of good fortune as long as we keep taking big risks, and I like that.

Now I’m going to sneak off and try to nap before I have to cut up the artichoke squares for the preschool Christmas party and parent meeting. My kids just ate while I typed this to my relief, so at least they’ve had something beside frosting!


3 thoughts on “ginger bread houses, for you and me

  1. R did his gingerbread house the day my Mum got it for him, too. So much fun, this cookie-and-confection construction business.

    I hope he’s not too disappointed when it’s too stale to eat after Christmas.

  2. I’ve always felt that making houses out of them was a waste of perfectly good gingerbread and candy 😉
    Glad to hear that your lemon water and yoga are clearing you out. Although you describe today as hectic (and it certainly sounds like it was) your writing just has a more…grounded style than say, the previous months entries. Or maybe I’m just being the newagey geek in the corner.

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