Goodwill to All

I finished the damned things, now only a queen-sized quilt for my step sister to go. This reminds me of how much I could do if I wouldn’t procrastinate so much. Oy! I had a better picture but Ti’s face really says how she’s been feeling a lot lately.

Also, Mr Smarty Pockets may be truly awesome, but this is the last blog update he’ll ever see unless he registers himself an account. Wish us luck crossing the borders.


6 thoughts on “Goodwill to All

  1. Just an FYI, I forbid you to make Matreya play Annie unless she expresses an interest in the role. I fealize that you are above such nonsense but it would take alot of willpower on anyone’s part to resist and I felt it worth mentioning.

    Other than that this picture is great. =)

  2. Very nice stockings! They’re HUGE. I have a few I started for the girls ages ago sing this heavy brocade type fabric my grandma used for door curtans to the hallway, but they’re still sitting unfinished ina box somewhere.

    Merry Christmas.


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