Built To Spill fans

The Myspace server was dicking around on their server so I have been obsessively replaying KCMU’s streaming archive. If you want a piece of a lovely new hit from BTS, you can play back January 17 at 5:10 pm or today January 18 at 2:45pm. I love that radio station so much I may finally have to subscribe now that I no longer live in Seattle.


2 thoughts on “Built To Spill fans

  1. trivia, trivia(said in a really high airy voice)that I’ve probably told you before..but I like to brag…

    I was Doug Martch’s wife/partner…whatever..woman…I was her baby sitter. I knew Karina when!

    Oh, and the song Twin Falls, Idaho? Yeah, I hate it. Twin Falls does not suck!

    But.. the rest of BTS…pretty cool. And, I’m ever so happy an Idaho band is doing well.

    • My ex’s band actually opened for them in Idaho and I got to meet her and the baby dancing backstage! I think small towns only suck when you’re a teenager.

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