I just discovered and my Goretex hiking boots finally rotted completely off their air cushion soles. I put them on to take out the garbage and zzzzzuuuuppp completely detached shoe from sole. So I was thinking about something said about fighting aging and I am like “yep.” Fuck it. I am making my pintucked blouse and wearing my preppy boots and putting on light makeup in the mornings, because the grunge dyke look on this 32 year old looks a little too much like “dumpy housewife.” So now you have it, I’m going for style princess with less accessories. Goodbye 12 year old boots, funny how I have a pair of Red Wings older than me…Wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “Crap

  1. If I can eat salad daily, like a 150% change in food choice for me as you know… You can do this… This is not to say that your appearance matters more than how much I care for you, oh hell… Please do post a photo of the new look, will you? xoxo

  2. Ha, that’s exactly it. At 21 I could pull off the butch thing and be cute like Mary Stuart Matherson. Now it just feels like frump. I wonder if Mary Stuart Matherson wears makeup and layers her hair now that she can’t pull off tomboy/lesbian next door anymore?

  3. I think there are hordes of us from the PNW who had our hawtest years in flannel and goretex. We’re like, Dude, I got hit on 8 times at a houseparty while wearing these hiking boots! It’s all about the sensible ankle supporting footwear! It’s bound to fuck up your sense of fashion.

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