Under my skin

Sometimes I find it so easy to be angry because people turn to hate. I realize the irony of this. We all repulse and tend to judge that which we carry in ourselves, and when I feel myself getting annoyed at other people for being narrow-minded and judgemental I kind of go: gulp, um oops. I know I’m the smartest person ever and I’m pretty spiritually progressive so of course those people that get on my nerves are probably very ignorant, but it is fun to be reminded that if they’re bugging me, chances are I created it straight outta myself. My biggest fault is my tendency to mirror aggressive driving.

I realize some people will think I’m nuts for saying that, but I guess I’m just glad that worrying about whether I’m out of sane mind has never been a worry for me, except for the few times I got really delusional on birth control pills. Yikes. I am kind of sensitive to stuff like that, even acupuncture probably doesn’t affect other people as delicately as it does me. And I need to go back, because Smartypockets’ stress and hours have gone up at work and suddenly I’m finding myself drinking coffee in the morning instead of water, and I haven’t done any yoga all week.


7 thoughts on “Under my skin

  1. Tuesday, thursday, and friday mornings I will go for walks with you when you feel like it!

    I am on day 8 of yoga every morning as soon as I wake up, but am worried the honeymoon phase will be over soon. I am trying to have an activity waiting in the wings for if/when the the relationship busts.

      • Oh, and also wanted to say that this is the first time in my entire life that I’ve had yoga juju. I’ve tried on and off over the years, but it never really clicked for me. And not to be a suck up, but I think your influence has been positive. I’ve tended to have people advocate yoga to me who were either more woo-woo (not wu-wu) than I was comfortable with, or too Oh-it’s-very-spiritual-AND- look-how-tight-it-makes- my-ass-let’s-shop-at-lululemon!.

      • Which is funny, because because I learned it entirely as a spiritual practice long before there were “classes” for the general public, but it went hand in hand with meditation and holistic health care…and now they are showing new research links between the connective tissues in Ayurveda and the Chinese chi centers.

  2. “when I feel myself getting annoyed at other people for being narrow-minded and judgemental I kind of go: gulp, um oops”

    If this is in regards to my parenting ramblings, I do apologize if I pissed you off. What the fuck do I know about parenting, anyway?

    • You helped remind me of it, but it was actually several things all in a small period of time. You totally pissed me off, but I liked it, sounds like we both learned something.

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