I know you missed me

Somewhere between cleaning all the ends of the ethernet and cable lines under the computer desk after realizing an entire bottle of massage oil had emptied itself onto them, including draining down the rabbit hole the cable comes up through the floor, coating several spools of serger thread and Singer accessories resting atop my granmothers old Touch and Sew built in, getting sworn at by secured wireless connections in my neighborhood when I tried to piggyback briefly to respond to three preschool related emails, convincing the kids to back up so I could move the computer desk off the ethernet cable, and reconnecting it to the computer and resetting both the cable modem and the wireless router, I have restored my connection to…you. It must have been so hard out there without me. Now I can proceed to stream music and get on with the housecleaning the new year has inspired (to say nothing of the bottle of massage oil). I really didn’t plan on using the internet, but discovering I don’t have it feels eerily too much like being deprived of oxygen.


One thought on “I know you missed me

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