I was pretty satisfied with the 3rd X-men movie and was willing to guinea pig my children to test the waters for scariness and general violence. We let them choose between “Over the Hedge”and “X-Men” and they both wanted X-men (no parental influencing was involved at all *cough, cough*). They both liked Spiderman a lot and here was a great chance to see girl superheros not completely skanked out. All in all, I liked the movie, thought the violence was manageable for my kids, and I only found two scenes to be questionable content for kids (in my moral universe)The worst thing was a trailer for “Snakes On A Plane” which of course is typical, there’s always some terrible shock trailers out there spoiling perfectly good PG-13 movies for my toddlers.

The most awkward scene is a young Angel whose dad busts in on him at approximately age 9 attempting to hide his wings by cutting them off, only blood in the entire movie is in the bandages on the bathroom floor. The other scene which totally redeemed itself just as I was beginning to wonder, involved Mystique taken hostage by humans in suspended handcuffs where she tries manipulating them by shapeshifting and takes the form of a pleading child. If you remind most kids before the movie that she’s a shapeshifter in the same way we had to remind Ti that Anakin becomes Darth Vader before “Sith” you’d probably avoid any worries. But if you don’t want your kids to see Wolverine bloddlessly slashing his way through several mutants, then you have a bigger hill to climb. I promised not to spoil anymore but there is some cool character 3 dimensionality introduced in this movie that made me glad they made the sequel, and still think the civil rights commentary while cheesy, is still or even especially valid today. The most mind-blowing feature to me was that sweet Crane sat through the whole thing in her recently mastered cotton training pants, even though I realize I am of questionable character for taking a 2.99 year old to the X-men movie in the first place.


2 thoughts on “X-Men

  1. You crack me up. We went last night and loved it. Emmy wanted to see Over the Hedge but we out-voted her and I think she ended up liking it more than the rest of us. She spent 25 minutes on the phone with a friend talking about it today.

    Did you guys stay until the very end of the credits? There was a final scene there that was very cool. I had read a review that said to stay, so we did.

    I liked it a lot. I thought it was the best of all of them at making you feel the motivations of all the sides.

    • Yep, we stayed, even though nerdy internet boy already knew what we were staying for…the kids had chosen to sit in the balcony and it made leaving easier anyhow. I liked the 3rd dimension element to alot of the personalities too, less dualistic and more believable. And Ti loved Kitty “the teenaged superhero” very very much. I am especially glad she had messy hair and dungarees on most of the time.

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