Evil? Or Cute? Or in our ambivalent less dualistic household: a fun alternative to a real dog, a video game that rewards empathy and talking to a monitor, and an absolutely brilliant game design for the preschool set. Wretch, wretch wretch, I can’t believe I just said that, and then admitted it, but its true. The voice recognition software is so good that Mr. BCA and I can’t even cheat and teach the puppies more tricks because then they imprint on our voices instead of the kids. Crane’s doggy is named “Niffy” which in and of itself is super cutarific. I will fondly remember that this was my kids first video game and conveniently forget that they played DOA over Christmas, for the all of 4 weeks our 360 was all the rage. I’m turning into this evil video game enabler, as if to make up for the other corners of my life where I’m cleaning up my act, getting healthier, and trying to pretend to be sane while preparing for a peak oil crisis. I’m buying lithium battery packs for my kids. But oh my god the puppies are teh cute.

Wherever you are I hope 6/6/06 rocks your evil Satan world. Maybe I’ll get up early and do the entire family in KISS face paint…


3 thoughts on “Nintendogs

  1. Video games are not “the eviL” that I think we’re all supposed to believe. I mean come on, it’s a puppy!!
    I seem to recall you once telling me that it wouldn’t be the end of the world when I was all nervous about the fact that Alan (then aged three) had played a little bit of Project Gotham Racing. So now it’s payback time 🙂
    Hope you have a good Tuesday today.

  2. Hmm. Maybe a good alternative to a real dog. No fleas (although we have them now and don’t have pets. Rynnie maybe??) and no mess to pick up. Plus, I am highly allergic to fluffy things. Well, except faux fur. I can do faux. Faux doggie??!

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