Camping and Driving

I’m so glad I spent a total of a little over 12 hours on the road to join up with some mamas and papas and lots and lots of little rainforest sandanistas this past weekend. I’m sorry I could bring Jesse but we had fun without him and I enjoyed camping just me and my girls, and his lack of presence inspired me to take a lot more pictures. I’m only posting pictures of kids though, after capturing too many pictures of panic when an adult realised I was taking pictures of them. Fuck posterity, but all of you are beautiful to me and I’m so glad that my first community of mothers, though interenet-based, has helped me get on my feet and come to appreciate motherhood. I can’t wait to take the girls camping again, they were so glad to have so many playmates.

This kid is so freakin’ cute I’d be unable to put my camera down if he were mine.

And others playing in fatamorgana‘s tent

It makes me really glad to see my girls enjoy wrestling so much, nice to have a chance to practice on others.

Camping chairs rule, I can’t imagine what we ever did without them. Or inflatable mattresses for that matter.

Did I mention camping chairs? Also having a grocery store 2 miles away for sheet cake runs (3 way birthday and then I drove all the way back to Canada with one birthday boy without ever mentioning it again!) and morning coffee carafes from Starbucks. Actually driving to said Starbucks in the minivan may have been the highlight of my trip because it resulted in mammatoni and I having nearly an hour together without children interrupting. I may be a terrible Starbucks hussy, but I vastly prefer it to McDonalds, now if only they’d start building playlands, maybe in imitation of the rainforests destroyed to make their bitter oily coffee, we could have playdates there all the time. We shopped at Fred Meyer and then went to Starbucks and then got gas. Totally boring right? Maybe, but doing it without your children is really luxurious. We got to do all the yapping. Leaving Crane behind gave her a great chance to pack up with the other feral children and she actually was fairly independent for the first half of Saturday before reverting into a regressive baby who realize her older sister was so busy playing that she had me all to herself. She did enjoy being the “baby” in a fourway girl-gang where the other three took turns being the mama. Yes, the three bossy 5 year olds in their camping skirts.

They made attempts at a sleepover in our tent which was sweet and exciting because I think we can practice this summer and get the girls to sleep in their own tent. In case Mr. BCA ever gets a day off. Heh. Last but not least, the awesome climbing trees/vampire nests/jail, depending on who was using it at the time:

Such happy little monkey children! I hope we can get them all together again soon.


7 thoughts on “Camping and Driving

  1. I can’t tell you how happy these pictures make me! Our sparkly skirted grubby girlygrrls playing with Groovy Girls in the forest. Priceless. We see each briefly every few years with new babies and new men and pick up where we left off. I had such a good time.

  2. Oh that looks lovely. I so wish I was in a space to pack up the kids and go camping with a bunch of mamas 🙂 Or at least that WA hadn’t passed such ridiculous and opressive anti-online gambling/poker laws so that there was a snowballs chance in hell of us ever moving back there. Sadly that isn’t going to be. Still, one of these summers we’ll make it up there for a camping trip or something I swear it.

  3. thank you!

    You were so on the ball I feel like a goof that I did the same thing (created a shutterfly yash thingy) and THEN went to post it and realize you’d done it yesterday. You rock, thanks for suggesting and creating such a great new asset.

  4. Yippeeeeeee… Beautiful Yummy Baby Faces.. Oh dear, if Gaeb could totally read this “I’m a big boy” would be his hysterical response… We had sooo much fun, thank you for catpuring my Zeke too. I have no issue with me on film, it wasn’t me that made comment, or was it? The whole experience was a blur of loveliness, well except my girl’s disfavor of camping… I am way more talk about it, but enjoyed nearly every fraction of every second! I am so glad we were There!

  5. Great pictures, the kids are all so sparkly and grimy all at once 🙂

    All the trees took me aback. The last few times we’ve been camping it’s been out on the plains – I forgot campsites could have trees.

    wish I could have been there to meet everyone.

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