one down, 10 projects to go

I finished the baby quilt for Crane’s preschool teacher.

The daddyman finishes his project this week and begins comp time next week, so I will be taking the GRE, going to a spa, and sewing a lot while he packs the backpacks and takes teh kids to school. Hopefully he will also be practicing on his new electric guitar.


5 thoughts on “one down, 10 projects to go

  1. Awww!

    So, what, did the kids use fabric glue to put the shapes on and then you stitched around them? Cute! Crane’s square is lovely, she follows in your footsteps.

    I just confessed to TPWM that I want to steal L’s quilt and hang it on the wall in the basement where I now have my own sewing-laundry-craft table. 🙂

    • you’re so sweet! Good to hear you have a laundry craft area…one of my biggest envies is housing architecture that opens up laundry areas or provides utility space as an ideal “home center/office/workspace” type hub.

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