Heading to Whistler in a few days

Loving the time together. We raked the leaves and I finally have my voice back after being sick. Made it easier to quit smoking even. I went to the doctor for my first pap in probably 2 or 3 years and asked for a Zyban prescription because I figured I’d like the mild amphetamine high. Surprisingly, I not only hated the high, but got really paranoid about seizure risk and avoiding alcohol and caffeine and figured I’d rather go back to my quitting smoking method of choice: Bailey’s Irish Cream and coffee. I am on day 3 of said plan and it is going great. There is nothing not to love about Bailey’s. Oh yeah, and it was a nice surprise that I’ve lost ten pounds and am within one of my baseline prepregnancy weight from 6 years ago. Not that I was keeping track or trying but Vancouver’s been good for me and its nice to know that. Plus it is fun to think I could go back to stripping now…not that I want to…but I am happy to have an excuse to buy new pants.


2 thoughts on “Heading to Whistler in a few days

  1. I’ve noticed that Vancouver seems good for you. Your voice has sounded very…not content, but centered in the last few months.

    Have a nice time in Whistler. Apparently they got their first dusting of snow this weekend. Wave to my aunt if you wander past the elementary school, she’ll be dealing with a herd of grade ones. One of my cousins is bound to get married in the next few years and we’ll have to head your way. Hopefully you’ll still be around and you can give us the patented Wu tour of Vancouver like you did of Seattle.

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