nice to see the sun coming out

We got to work in the garden over the weekend and I am actually getting underway early enough to consider planting sunflowers. We are definitely feeling the buzz of a new year over here and I think we may see some big changes in the next few years as we grow out of our nesting phases with the kids. They are growing so dang fast. Even Crane in the middle of this incredibly clingy phase that gets under my skin and makes me want to hide at times is developing fast and using lots of ridiculously big words. Its fun to hear the whole family getting into Mandarin too. Maybe we will wind up in China soon. Or somewhere else. That is a sad one because I really love our community school and I love being in Vancouver, I’d be happy to stay here too if things fell into place that way. Just not making any commitments or buying any (ridiculously overpriced) houses.

Anyhow, I hope all those flu bugs everywhere are drying up, I want to believe we are finishing the suite of them off over here too.


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