staring at the computer too long

I’m doing the data entry, bookkeeping, accounting, and all documents for the school pledge drive, and I’m amazed how quickly I seemed to have discovered the joy of livejournal…thanks for staying out here to keep me so very entertained while I was absent!

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4 thoughts on “staring at the computer too long

  1. I’m signed in as Love Junk, but to protect my privacy it lists me as Love J. Which I suppose protects my privacy more than I think.

    I missed the clothes question! Since I see you fairly often, it shows how much I notice clothes, heh.

    • My first thought was that you were Carrie’s boy, which had my pretty impressed, second only to that dude who never reads my livejournal. I think it was also unfair to list “dirty” in the clothing dept as a wrong answer…

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