We’re fueling a war in Iran

…but aren’t the Oscars grand? SOmetimes current politics is too Orwellian to stare at straight on. I too was appalled at the “going green” thing at the academy, I kept thinking it was Gore’s set up for a joke that never came.

Sadly “Departed” was the only Oscar nominee other than Inconvenient Truth and Dead Man’s Chest that we’d seen yet, it was a random attempt at a date night and it was the only thing we could agree on (if it has Mark Wahlberg, Joan Cusack or Chris Cooper in it, I can not say no), but even though it was remarkably good, I was surprised to see it become an Oscar winner.

And on the fashion notes. Nicole Kidman: yawn. Jennifer Lopez in the empire waist with giant jewels, pretty without unduly undressing the pretty thing. Jennifer Hudson’s dress I actually like, but I love brown, it was better than the outfit she switched into to sing with Beyonce. Ha ha on Gwynneth Paltrow because just as I was thinking her combed over ironed hairdo was lovely even though a tad inconvenient to wear, it started static clinging to the mike and dancing up toward it while she was trying to talk. Yes, that is what I enjoy about watching, not the worst Seinfeld jokes imaginable.

Thank you so much to ladycakes for helping me remember to watch (& record) the show, I got through it in less than two hours and could fast forward through Celine.


3 thoughts on “We’re fueling a war in Iran

  1. I don’t think I would ever watch it recorded. I need to swallow it whole and undiluted with all the awful jokes and horrible performances.

    There is nothing of actual importance in the mainstream media anymore. At least this silly awards show gave us a break from the Anna Nicole/Britney circus for a second.

    I also attempted to watch the hateful Barbara Walters interview people, but she was so condescending and bitchy I had to shut her off.

    • Yes, but pausing for pina colada refills and fast forwarding through commercials has become a dependency! I’m thinking about you a lot today, I finished a Barbara Coloroso book on bullying over the weekend and am now re-reading Reviving Ophelia ( was highly amused to go out for drinks and dancing with a woman with Coloroso in her purse)…makes me think of you and all the phases your daughter has gone through and how much I want to believe we are better mothers of daughters for having survived an adolescence when girls weren’t as well understood.

  2. I just found and befriended you. Hello!

    I hate that where I live means I never get to see awards shows. I want to see frocks! I want to see actors who make millions but can barely read an autocue! I want to see the bad jokes and groan damnit!

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