all that advance warning

and I still am a day late to wish a Happy happy Birthday!

We are enjoying a two parent summer and generally enjoying life. Mr BCA helped me organize a bunch of stuff in the basement and now tonight a fiber artist is coming over to use my serger, but its really a ruse to meet each other and discuss sharing the studio space in the basement. Although I may be returning to school and/or work in the next two years I am really excited to be adding a bi-monthly stitch and bitch night downstairs this year. Despite having two volunteer jobs I also hoep to put together a simple project for a spring afterschool enrichment class for 6-9 year olds. I have an 8 year old boy who can’t wait for me to teach him to learn to sew and it would be great to get 5 or 6 kids into a little group to learn. I am on the PAC executive as secretary (essentially the PTA) and still doing the co-op preschool thing but I may not be on that executive this year, so hopefully I have trading sewing time at one meeting with babysitting for another. Also in the works, new raised garden beds in the backyard (by a landscaper, no I am not attempting to dig up 20 feet of day lilies again this summer). My partner and I are learning to develop ourselves independantly and he is rocking on the guitar and I am doing lots of dyeing and sewing and quilting…I hope some of it sticks with us when school begins and he (theoretically) returns to work sometime before Christmas. Whew that was a lot of big plans, I swear to god I have been slacking in all the best ways. For now we are weathering out the wait in Vancouver as if there is no downside.


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