Summer Stitch and Bitch plans

Mr. BCA is away from the computer negotiating a contract that would put him in Kirkland part-time for the next month. We may try to piggyback down with him before the school year starts up again. Its been a weird couple of days for both of us to adjust to this new arrangement after he’s been home all summer. The time is right and the time apart will be healthy for both of us but its still tough to get used to so quickly. Thankfully I have no problem with the bus and being withou the car when school begins up here, even though we have a lot going on, its all busable or walkable. I’m even getting the wheel on Ti’s bike fixed today so we may even experiment with riding to school. Crane is getting better about walking places too and in general is less clingy, thanks to two parents being mostly around all summer. We didn’t do enough house work and re-org because we are giant slackers and super procrastinators so we need to spend the precious few days before he leaves getting cleaned up.

He is awesome and I love him and I’m glad we got to rearrange our relationships this summer. Its amazing how time flies when you’ve got kids, our 5th wedding anniversary is this week. I am so jealous of friends who have been spending weekends away together without kids to celebrate that kind of thing, but our family has gone all diasporic. We’ll get our day. In the meanwhile I’m just glad we enjoy each other so much, even through all the petty house stuff, kid discipline, fights, and general weight of years of being together. We barely fought with him home this time and that was a big change. He’s got the hang of what it means to contribute to the house and kids and even better, fully supports me not pursuing the engineering thing even though I’m sorely tempted to give him a break. He likes my energy and what I exercise on our whole little nest by being outside the straight job/life thing, an din someways its good balance for him because even when he complains I can’t imagine him not off at work power-mongering. Despite my lack of organization, I am still holding a candle for my fiber arts collective work and lots of things are moving on that front right now. I may have an art partner/understudy (and our families click) and am getting the basement ready to host stitch and bitch and coop projects next month. Gah! It beautiful outside, and I’m going back in the basement.


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