Bayview Catchment

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Bayview Catchment, originally uploaded by Chandra Wu.

Muhaha. So I barely finished it on time and yet am shocked and pleased and thrilled that it sold tonight for $500. My babysitter told me there was a message when we got home. I want to wet myself! Yes, it was a school fundraiser, but sheesh! I feel all super savvy & professional now. Um, so what should I do next?

I learned a lot about my own process and time management in this endeavor. I didn’t know I knew how long certain parts would take and yet I made it in, barely, thanks to a neighbors awesome childcare this afternoon. I just feel like I realize what keeps me from sewing more, and I want it to cease. I could have done so many more things if I’d given myself more time before. Now I can go finish my sister’s quilt in peace and feel lots and lots of stupid nerdy pride.

Also I am playing a CSNY 1972 bootleg somebody gave me a long time ago and I never listened to until now and its lovely. I wish Obama would add “Chicago” to his theme songs.


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