Please tell me you saw Juno

Specifically ms. because I want to talk about it, but maybe i already have enough, just not with a female. I’m just glad Mr. BCA gets the lack of difference between a teenage girl with “sexual trama and gender issues” and say, a teenage girl.


4 thoughts on “Please tell me you saw Juno

    • There were several times in the movie that made me fear it was going too sappy and unreal only to have it come back and become a fairy tale of the sweetest variety. Allison Janney, Michael Cera, JK Simmons, Jason Bateman were terrific too, but they had great characters.

      And while I love Kimya, it seemed a little distracting to have so much of her song in there, but maybe I just feel for Mr. BCA who not only tolerated it but I think gets her music more now too. I am so glad I knew so little about it when I saw it though, I was thrilled when Kimya Dawson’s name showed up in the opening credits, and even more teary eyed when Chan Marshall’s “Sea of Love” started to play.

      • Last night Kimya performed at the Independent Spirit Awards and it was all kinds of strange.

        I’m a little concerned by all the hatred being flung toward Diablo Cody. People love the movie, the music, the actors, the director…yadda yadda….but for some reason it’s hard to find anyone who will admit to liking the woman. Personally, I think she’s amazing and her success give me some kind of bizarre hope for the world.

      • Are you kidding? She’s a doll! I didn’t honestly even know her name before I saw the movie and now I’m fiendishly browsing through all the red carpet photos, quite amused to see her sporting the tattoo I didn’t get because the artist flaked on me and I got a positive pregnancy test before I could reschedule. I think I’d heard of Candy Girl and filed it away in the nethers of my to-do-list but I never read it, but now I might scout it out. Her success has totally raised my hopes and validated my experience too, exactly why I keep wanting to talk about the movie. It was interesting talking to two neighbors this morning over coffee, one 40, one 60 and how they liked it but saw it much differently than I did because the main character to them was “quirky” and unconventional, blah blah blah, Catholic girls…

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