full moon fever

Some girls have been having a pissy ass week and here’s to them getting their blood flowing because I already have and they need to get with the program.  That said, I also know I’m so glad to celebrate shopping ahead for puppies instead of a sibling and my sweet Crane today put it better than ever I could after inquiring after my tampon:  “you don’t want to have another baby because then we’d have to have a baby brother or a sister and then we wouldn’t be a pair!”

That kid is a blessing, and so is her sister and I’m so glad to have them in this wild world and my own rocky life.


4 thoughts on “full moon fever

    • Oh crap, here is why I never post anymore: I want to vent just an eensie weensie bit and then I come back and realize some of my readers and people I read (yes I do read you I just rarely comment) might think I’m talking to them. I would really make super sure it was okay before I casually referred to someone I consider a friends as a “bitch.” Oh god, now the post rant guilt creeps in and I want to go re-friend the gals that don’t even know I was calling them bitches. But yeah, I get bitchy before I bleed, and I don’t mind ANYBODY pointing it out.

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