Weekend before the wedding

Okay, I made a mistake and started my new job a week too early. So I finally cut the first dress on Saturday.

Then I started sewing. I made a piping from the dress fabric to help with the neckline corners properly holding the lining inside. This looked so great, Ive never done piping before. Also I am glad I chose to hand sew this to the front and hand sew the closures at the top of the box pleats. Some seams are better sewn by hand. I intend to sew the lining to the neckline by hand as well. We don’t need to discuss my time management at this point, but so far it looks really good. I have extra ribbon for their hair as well.

Update 12/29/2009:  Just a quick photo to prove I finished them.  I finished handsewing the sleeves to the columns at 2am in our hotel room the night before the wedding after leaving Vancouver that morning with 4 unattached sleeves.  This is testament to the weird pleasure I derive from sewing to deadlines despite really being aware that this is only a hobby.  A very manic sort of hobby.  Unfortunately we only had iPhones at the wedding and we don’t have another photo yet.



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