The Halloween Quilt

Strange that I finally got started on a Halloween quilt for my dear Inlaws two years after their Halloween wedding and voila, they announce they are having a baby!

Even though she’s due soon, I kind of still consider this am itsy bitsy late wedding quilt, so baby quilt to come soon.

I have lots in the works now and will have to ask for a new digital camera for my birthday.


2 thoughts on “The Halloween Quilt

  1. Ooh, those look like blocks won at a Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild October meeting! It’s great to see them all together in a quilt. Will you have a chance to share this quilt at our May meeting?

    • First, congratulations on being my 3rd subscriber, I am really terrible at commitment and documentation but your guild has been very inspiring to me this year!

      The quilt has already gone to the baby shower and she received it last week (the quilt, the baby isn’t due until June). First time I actually completed a baby quilt BEFORE the baby arrived! I think I shared it partially finished at the April meeting when I was still binding it – and the meeting discussed diagonal bias binding which I am doing on my next quilt. I have a printy quilt top nearly finished that I cannot share until May meeting, unless it is also completed and gifted before the meeting. I also have a terribly habit of giving them away without getting good photos, another habit I am looking to fix!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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