Quiltcon Registration

I am so excited that I was able to register for Quiltcon. This is the type of woman I am, in the middle of piecing a top I have been working on for the last week, I was inspired to make a Quiltcon block again (last time I was inspired, I made a block that had hand applique in it because I didn’t read the directions). So I didn’t read the directions AGAIN, because in my enthusiasm about the August 30 registration date, I also though this was the deadline for Quiltcon blocks, but its passed…

Turquoise and orange flying geese

Block inspired by Quiltcon Challenge

So now Elizabeth Hartman has one less block and I have one more. I may try to make it into the flap for the Amy Butler messenger bag I need to replace. I also realize that since my move, having a broken iPhone 3G with no WordPress app is not improving my blog any, I think I’m more inclined to drive by flickr pics instead.

But yay, I’m going to love visiting Austin, Texas for the first time and being a dorky gal with cart on wheels all over town.


One thought on “Quiltcon Registration

  1. Well, if you had to get a date wrong, I’m glad it was the block challenge date rather than the QuiltCon registration date! I like the variety of colours in your geese and the one rebel goose who’s gone off course. Can’t wait for QuiltCon!

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