Monogram baby quilt

So my attempt at an outdoor backdrop for hanging quilts has sorta failed me, and I am now at a loss for easy ways to document my work. So far every effort just distracts me from sewing and feels pretty underwhelming compared to some of the lovely photoshots I see out in blogland…


So maybe I’m really not meant to be a blogger, but I did want to get at least one more shot of this quilt before I mailed it off to the baby receiving it…I learned a lot in the process of putting this together, including that all those little tiny crazy pieces can be really time-consuming!

Also!!! I found my notebook from Quiltcon and now I can credit the following contributors to this Improv Round Robin from Sherri’s workshop, just as fellow Seattle Modern Quilt Guild Members Martha and Deb and I begin our own version to pass amongst ourselves!  My original Quiltcon contributors included:

Martha Peterson, Seattle, WA

Kim McPeake, Charleston, SC

Judith Dollar, Houston, TX

Mary Jane Orsburn, Houston, TX

Maria Renna

Sarah Bialene (sp? sorry the handwriting was kind of tough on that one!) Spencer, OH

and Felicitas Kiayer who I believe was from somewhere in Europe…she left an email address so I will try to reach here that way as well.  I would love to hear from any of you if you get a chance to share yours as well!


And here is one more attempt from my makeshift photography studio on the porch, this is better quality than my last, so I guess there was some improvment!


5 thoughts on “Monogram baby quilt

  1. I think your quilts look great! I really like your improvisational work. Sorry you’re frustrated with your photography situation but I hope you keep blogging.

  2. That monogram looks awesome! Great quilting.

    And I think we all struggle with quilt photos. I have tried to photograph them by myself, with little luck; with borrowed help, usually during bad times for lighting, because that’s when help is available; and outdoor “artsy blogger” shots that leave me feeling like it was a waste of time or with a dirty quilt from rubbing up against bark, fences, or other outdoor things. It’s an ongoing problem.

  3. I love these quilts! The big H, wow, I want to try something like that now. I agree, photography is hard. I don’t have a willing helper, so it’s frustrating when a photo session ends up with an argument. Oh, and thanks for commenting on my Simple Math quilt! I’m playing around with more versions, but I hope you post about your math symbols blocks too. I would love to see it!

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