Happy Times


I did have some happy time in the past year even though it sure has been a rollercoaster. This quilt was at the Bainbridge Quilt Festival two weeks ago and it is currently hanging at the NW Quilt Expo.  Update: Kathy Dwyer, President of the BIMQ took the above photo. It is actually really hard knowing that this is hanging in public.  It makes me feel really exposed as a weirdo, but I guess most of you already knew that!  I took this photo in the early morning shadowy light and I’d love a better quality photo if anyone has one.


This is a really strange quilt but it was really fun to make.  There are even some scraps on the front and one on the back that came from Noelle’s scrap bag at the fall retreat Seattle Modern Quilt Guild retreat last year.  Deborah Fergusson and Martha Peterson also pieced the center “medallion”  based on the Improv Round Robin workshop we took with Sherri Lynn Wood at Quiltcon and the Improv Bullseyes workshop I took with Amy Dame.


I got to try out long-arming on this behemoth quilt because I was never going to get a 90″ quilt under my home machine.  I learned that I love long-arming, but free-motion work is time-consuming so I can’t just leave this quilt parked at my cousin’s forever, so I did in in two 3-5 hour sessions.  This is pretty hasty for quilting but it was still really fun and now the quilting is just as eclectic as the piecing!  I rushed the binding on this as usual and it shows, but I used the new Alexia Abegg netting fabric from Cotton + Steel and the weight and the color worked out really well.

7 thoughts on “Happy Times

  1. You may call this a strange quilt but it is so striking and has so much story to it – the very best kind, don’t you think? Love that you got to try out long-arming….congrats on your finish!

    • Thanks Debbie! I do agree, what I really love about quilting is contemplating hte personality of the person I’m making a quilt for and this one is staying in our home where it will keep me very happy.

  2. I have a photo of your quilt hanging at the BI quilt festival, because it was one of my favorites. It was fun visiting with you that morning, too. What’s the best way for me to send you the photo?

    • Hi Marla! Thank you so much for the comment! I updated with Kathy’s photo, but you can certainly email me at chandrawu (at) gmail too! Your quilt was also very popular with our members, I hope you can visit one of our meetings or sew-ins sometime!

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  4. Hey, Chandra – I didn’t know you blogged about this quilt! I love the end result as much as I loved working on it. It is certainly a reminder of “Happy Times”. And, congrats on showing in the Seattle Modern Quilt Guild My MODERN shown at Island Quilter where Freddy Moran declared it her favorite. That’s quite a coup!

    • Thanks Martha! I’m glad we got to collaborate on this quilt (see I don’t really blog that often!). I’m glad to see your Churn Dash IRR enjoying so much well-deserved attention too! I am about to finish another quilt just in time for 2015 Folklife…maybe if I get a good photo I will blog that too.

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